After reading my article on Father Solanus Casey, Christine Ross contacted me for an interview on her pro-life podcast, The Thundering Legion. It was a delight to converse with her about our journey having two girls with special needs and equally refreshing to delve into the seldom-discussed matters about life and death.  Incredibly perceptive, Ross inquired how I would respond to parents who receive serious prenatal diagnoses, which wasn’t easy to answer. I’m typically candid in interviews, but I truly had to consider a thoughtful response to this question.

As a mom, I know the challenges and blessings of raising two girls who are atypical by standard definitions. At the same time, it wasn’t too long ago when I was the terrified new mom of an infant with a strange diagnosis, and the fear was palpable.  During that time, I gained profound compassion for parents who – out of fear and ignorance, not necessarily negligence – consider the unthinkable alternative after a serious prenatal diagnosis: abortion.

I’m not defending that choice.  I’m merely stating that it’s understandable how parents react out of fear rather than ponder, reflect, and discern out of love. I rarely encounter parents who have kids with special needs that regret the life decision they made for their child.  When we choose life, we are affirming and reiterating Jesus’ Crucifixion, which overcame sin and death.  Instead of the right to die, we all have the right to live.

Ross and I frankly discuss the problems with prenatal diagnoses and placing trust in man versus God.  As I share excerpts from our story, she weaves them into the universal pro-life tapestry.  It is the first interview where I can honestly say that an entirely new angle was presented, and it was done with grace, fluidity, and charity.

May the Holy Spirit be praised for His movements.

You can listen to the full, thirty minute interview here:

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