Interviews are always interesting, because the host really sets the dynamic of the show in motion – intense, serious, funny or lighthearted, playful, thought-provoking, and sometimes a combination of these.  I’ve noticed over the past three years that every interview I’ve had is different, sometimes only slightly, and at other times it’s like totally new information is being relayed to the audience.

This is what’s so beautiful about sharing one’s story, because, even though it doesn’t change much, the host who presents it to his or her audience really makes all the difference in the world.  Tony Gambone was a fantastic host and the epitome of a Christian – kind, thoughtful, compassionate, and encouraging.  In his show, Tough Talk Christian Radio, I was interviewed primarily about my bio (newly updated and revamped).

I wondered if that might happen – someone would catch on to my new author/speaker bio.  Well, the first sentence segued into a fantastic and dynamic interview about how the world eschews suffering and what we, as Christians, can do to enter into our pain without losing our faith.

Tony’s opening monologue is really worth listening to, as well, because I’ve been pondering what he said about how to give money to the homeless for several days now.

Most of you have become at least vaguely familiar with my family’s story, especially our journey with Sarah, but hopefully you will glean some new insight into how our faith has been shaken, challenged, and ultimately strengthened because of our cross.


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