May was a crazy month. For several months prior, there was a lull in my writing and any sort of interviews. I was pondering what sort of message God was sending me through it all, though I knew that welcoming baby #3 was a large part of my waiting experience. Even so, I felt lost and alone. That is, until, I was asked to be on WCAT’s online radio show Rivers of Living Water with Mary Schwarz.

Unlike most radio shows, this one took a full hour, which I appreciate, because the interiewer and I can delve more deeply into the message of God’s abundant grace and personal, intimate stories of His Divine Providence. Mary Schwartz was a deep thinker, a gracious hostess, and incredibly thought-provoking with her insights and comments regarding my book, From Grief to Grace. It was quite an honor and joy to spend that hour with her.

To take a listen to our conversation, please click here:

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