I love our dog, Lily.  This may seem like a random thing to write about in the midst of otherwise spiritual posts, but Lily has truly been a blessing to us from God.  I always think about how dogs are such helpmates in so many ways – as therapy and service dogs, serving in the military or K9 police, and just to comfort and greet us with their loyalty each day.

Dogs have a way of making us feel uplifted and at peace when we are having a tough day.  They never fail to forgive us when we’ve hurt them by not taking them for walks or maybe not enough petting or attention.

But there are some things I wish knew before we had gotten a puppy almost 9 years ago!  Here is a list of what I’ve learned about owning a dog and caring for one properly:


Please visit PuppySpot as a resource for your dog and inspiration like I found here!  Also, if you are considering adopting a dog, please read the No Puppy Mill Promise to educate yourself about the dangers of puppy mills.

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